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The Original Pyro KTV

Who doesn’t love to get drunk and sing (in that order)? Don’t want to sing? Maybe you’re just not drunk enough. Or maybe you’re just not pretending to be drunk enough…

Getting drunk and singing your heart out is a grand tradition, one that we celebrate at Pyro. We’ve got a sweet stage, with lights and a disco ball, microphones and floor monitors. Don’t know the words? No problem! We’ve got three separate screens for lyrics, over 10,000 songs in our KTV library. No habla ingles? Can you find it on YouTube? Then, no problemo amigo! We can find and play backing tracks (with lyrics) on YouTube, Youku, and anywhere else on the interwebz.

Karaoke’s just one of those things. Like B movies, or Bon Jovi. You say you hate it, but you secretly love it. Don’t believe us? Give it a shot.

Pyro KTV Tips

  1. Not confident? Bring up a friend! Half the risk, twice the glory. Plus, they might remember the bits you forget.
  2. Fast songs are easier than slow songs. If yo’re a KTV newbie, Beware the Ballad!
  3. Pick a song everyone knows and the whole room will sing along. Plus you can do that really trite thing where you hold the mic out to the crowd during the high bits…
  4. Enjoy yourself! How many times are you ever going to be up on a stage in front of people? Cock a rock stance, and lean into it.

For the final rule, remember this: if you’re a pro, you wouldn’t even be here. So:

  1. If you can’t sing with skill, suck with style. Don’t say ‘sorry’. Go down gloriously in flames and the crowd will love you. Everybody loves an underdog. And you may even encourage another first-timer to step out onto that stage.

Rock on.

Pyro KTV Hosts

Ana Loure

Ana has been in Beijing for nearly 7 years, earning a bachelor’s from Shifan Daxue before jumping into full-time work, but found her true calling when one of our karaoke singers froze… and she jumped on stage to rescue her. Talent, courage and a love of the spotlight? Sounds like a natural KTV host to us.

Favorite drink: Kamikazes. Lots and lots of Kamikazes.

Wynn Zhou

Wynn has been with our company for 7 years, assisting with everything from design to marketing – now he’s the guy that keeps all of our events running smoothly.

Favorite Drink: The Classic Corona.