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Pyro Beer Pong

Pyro Pizza brought the classic drinking game Beer Pong to Wudaokou and Beijing in 2007. With the upcoming Beijing Olympics, competitive spirit was high and we thought, hey, if only there was a way to combine sports and drinking! Turns out there was. Plenty actually. But this is the one we chose.

Our weekly Thursday night Pyro Pong Tournament has since become a fixture in Wudaokou with up to 4 brackets a playing a night. Thursday Night Beer Pong is a can’t-miss event, with music, drink specials and lots of messiness. Like we say: Drink responsibly! (Just kidding).

The Pyro Pong Tournament is an 8-team 3-round knockout competition with the winner of each bracket (tournament) winning a bottle of booze. It’s 40rmb per team to signup, and signups start at 8pm. Rack ’em up!

Pyro Pong Tournament House Rules

Here are our weekly Beer Pong Tournaments house rules. Obviously if you’re playing casual games, use the rules you like! But if you get shut out, we’d prefer you keep at least some clothes on. Hot lap!

  1. Starting Team is determined by coin toss or “Rock, Paper, Scissors”
  2. Each Team shoots twice, once for each player
  3. Ball can be Shot or Bounced at the opponents’ cups
  4. Players cannot lean over the board to shoot they must stand straight, though their arms are allowed to cross the edge of the table
  5. Only Bounced balls may be Blocked, other balls may not be Blocked
  6. Blowing or Fingering (blowing or using a finger to remove a ball spinning or bouncing around the rim of a cup before it touches the liquid) is not allowed
  7. If a cup is Sunk (if a shot ball goes into a cup), that cup must be drunk. Players alternate drinking
  8. If two (2) cups are Sunk by the same Team (ie: when a Team makes both their shots), the balls are Rolled Back and shooting Team takes another turn
  9. Teams get one (1) Re-Rack per game
  10. The game is won when a player Sinks a Team’s remaining cup
  11. If the winning team makes both of their last shots in the same round, Rebuttals are not allowed
  12. Otherwise, the losing team can make a Rebuttal shot, one per player
  13. Sunk Rebuttal shots must be drunk, if Rebuttal shots sink remaining cups, that Team now wins (nice)

The Hosts

Gideon “Da Jin” Goldfelder

Before New York native Gideon became Pyro’s hottest Beer Pong host, he was our hippest DJ, rocking the decks until the early morning. Since arriving in 2010, he’s been a fixture in the Wu Scene. He’s done a lot of different things, but most recently he started a media company with friends, proving that, as always, his hustle game is on point.

Favorite drink: Whiskey Sour.

Chris “Hollywood” Holly

Recently returned to Wudaokou Chris was our original Beer Pong host back in 2007. Now the padre at Pyro Pizza he’s the man to talk to about anything Pyro related – especially Beer Pong. Ask him about his fancy t-shirts and caps!

Kings Cup

A classic Pyro drinking game, to pre-game… or if you’re just bored.

A: New Rule! | Make up a new rule! You!

2: You! | Choose someone to drink!

3: Me! | You drink!

4: Hoes! | Ladies drink!

5: Categories | Choose a category!

6: Dicks! | Gentlemen drink!

7: Never Have I Ever… | If you’ve done it, drink it!

8: Waterfall! | Start drinking, one after the other!

9: Rhymes! | Bust a rhyme, down the line! Lose it, booze it!

10: Thumb Master! | Put your thumb on the table; last one drinks!

J: Social! | Lead by example; make a toast!

Q: Question Master! | Ask a question? What do you want to know?

K: King’s Cup! | Pour a little liquor into the King’s Cup! If it’s the last King… drink it.