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The Longest Running Pub Quiz in Beijing

5 rounds of 10 questions means 50 chances you’re not just a pretty face on a hot body…

The Lush Pub Quiz isn’t just the longest running Pub Quiz in the city, it’s proximity to all you clever little university students means it’s also the hardest. From history and current affairs to pop and internet culture, to music, movie and picture rounds, it’s a challenging quiz full of questions you definitely should know, but can’t quite put your finger on right this minute…

First Prize:

  • A Bottle of Jameson (Don’t let Julian steal it…)

Second Prize:

  • An Epic Cocktail

Third Prize:

  • A round of Qingdaos

Quiz starts at 8pm but the room fills up fast so get there early! Teams are limited to 8 people, so larger teams will be split up. If you’re rolling solo or in a small group, no worries! Quiz Master Julian will be more than happy to help you find another group to join. Whether you’re new in town or Old School Crew, Lush Pub Quiz is the place to be on Wednesday nights!


Pub Quiz Host Hall of Fame

Julian Vargas

Los Angelenos Julian first came to Beijing in 2014, and between playing music, teaching Spanish, and watching Rick & Morty, somehow finds time to host the biggest and longest (running) pub quiz in town – the Lush Pub Quiz! Don’t ever tackle him on triva – or a whiskey drink-off.
Favorite drink: Jameson, rocks.

Josh “Vegas” Lally

Vegas hombre Josh Lally put himself permanently on our watch list on St. Patrick’s Day 2005, when he and a friend bought (and drank) our entire stock of 10rmb Guinness, effectively ending our Paddy’s Day promo. He then went on to become our longest running Pub Quiz Master, and now creates and manages all the food (and drink!) for Lush, Pyro, and Gung Ho! Pizza.