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The Original Student Hangout Since 2003

Since 2003 Lush has been Homebase for the tens of thousands of English teachers, international students, and itinerant wanderers that have spent time in Wudaokou.

Lush is known for hosting some of Beijing’s longest running events including the standing-room only Pub Quiz on Wednesdays, and the first Open Mic night in China – the place where many of Beijing’s performers and musicians got their start.

Come during the day for the unlimited coffee refills and free WiFi with built-in VPN, let our Legendary range of Lush burgers, sandwiches and salads tempt you to stay for dinner, then party all night with our epic-sized cocktails made from 100% real alcohol – guaranteed!

Happy Hour – 7pm to 9pm Every Night

Kick off the party at Lush with our nightly happy hour! All cocktails and mixed drinks buy 2 get 1 free – including our King-sized and even Epic-sized cocktails! Rolling with a crew? Get 7 Qingdaos for just 70rmb!

  • Cocktails & Mixed Drinks Buy 2 Get 1 Free!
  • 7 Qingdaos for just 70rmb!

Every night at Lush!

The Lush Menu

The Legendary Lush Burger

Whether carbo-loading for a big night out or as a pre-emptive Hangover Prevention measure, the Lush Burger is iconic in Wudaokou. But now it’s even better! Made from 100% imported beef, fresh veggies and our own garlic mayo, the Lush burger is an easy choice.

If you’d like to try something different try our tender grilled chicken burger, or our teriyaki chicken with a slice of fresh pineapple! And if you don’t eat meat, try our veggie burger, made with a thick slice of grilled tofu.

The Original Lush Stuff

The original stuff, with it’s tender grilled chicken breast, fresh veggies and homemade apple relish served on a thick slice of our fresh-baked herb focaccia, was one of the very first items on our menu over 10 years ago and a healthy and filling meal for lunch or dinner.

Lush is well-known in Wudaokou as a healthy hotspot. Our range of handmade sandwiches to our big fresh salads are the perfect counter to strange new diets and crazy nights out.

Lush Brekkie Pancakes

There’s nothing that feels more like home than a good Western homestyle breakfast. We’ve got a great range of breakfast items including the classic bacon and eggs, eggs benedict, veggie and non-veggie omelets and more… But for a real treat, try one of our Lush pancakes! Served with fresh fruit and topped with cream, it’ll take you right back to your dining room at home.

The Lush Ice Cream Mud Pie

Rich chocolate ice-cream and caramel cake on a crushed Oreo crust topped with whipped cream of chocolate syrup. It’s a Lush classic – for very good reason! Get one on your birthday… or whenever.

100% Real Alcohol

Lush has been serving genuine alcohol since it first opened in 2003.

As you may or may not know, this is no small feat. Estimates of the circulation of fake alcoholic products in China typically range above 80%. Whether you consider that to be 4 out of 5 bottles or 4 out of 5 bars, its a scary realization – Especially considering the serious consequences of consuming such fake products. At Lush we don’t stand for that. We’ve put in place numerous restrictions and safeguards to prevent any fake products from ever crossing over our bar when you order. Weekly spot checks, monthly stock checks, and more keep our distributors on their toes, because they know that we won’t accept a shipment if the alcohol even looks or tastes remotely tampered with because we’ve built our reputation on serving a real product.

Stick to brands you know

The more familiar you are with a brand, the more likely you are to know if something’s off.

Check the label for mistakes in spelling or printing

Some brands have specific etchings or particular specifications for their bottles. Look for tampering or improper seals. Make sure the labels are on straight, or that the positioning is consistent with other bottles. “Johns Daphne Tenderness Whiskey” is a bit of a giveaway.

Also check that multiple bottles are all filled to the same level. Counterfeiters fill bottles by hand, whereas real alcohol is done by machines to exact levels. If multiple bottles are filled to varying levels, it’s either a sign of tampering or miss-handled products.

Trust your nose and your taste buds

The worst fakes smell of nail polish, rubbing alcohol, baijiu, or moonshine. If it doesn’t taste right, don’t drink it. And if you’re not sure, try it straight first!

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